Mick Baker was young, handsome and talented but he'd taken a five year hiatus from life after killing another man in a karate tournament. One warm, sunny south Florida day he follows an urge to explore the waterfront and winds up on a forty-seven foot sailboat with Helen Abrams, a middle aged woman who has had far too much to drink.

Helen turns up dead and Mick is taken into custody where he meets Walter Lynch, a charismatic but shady businessman who made his fortune from strip clubs and a modeling agency that features exquisitely beautiful, nude models. There isn't enough evidence to charge Mick with murder so he gains release after an overnight stay. Mick moves into Lynch's mansion and prepares to help bring Precious, Lynch's eighty foot sailing yacht, to the Caribbean. Lynch introduces Mick to Becky Marks, a former beauty queen and nude model who was slightly disfigured in a horrible automobile accident. Within hours Mick and Becky become lovers and, ultimately, roommates during Mick's stay at the mansion.

U. S. Attorney Matthew Fischer, whose thick, "Woody Allen" glasses and diminutive stature inspired Lynch to nickname him the weasel, begins looking into the Abrams case. Lynch and Fischer have tangled in the past and both men hold onto their bitter feelings from those encounters like trophies from some past glory. Lynch antagonizes Fischer by protecting Baker. Consequently, the ambitious and resourceful U. S. Attorney comes at Baker with much more fire power than he would have if Lynch hadn't been in the background thumbing his nose.

Shortly after Precious leaves Florida for the Caribbean, Fischer gets the results of a toxicology report that has been delayed through an administrative blunder. Helen Abrams was poisoned. He immediately issues a warrant for Mick Baker's arrest.

Mick becomes the object of an international manhunt. He's soon stalked by multiple predators, most of whom he can neither identify nor defend himself against.

He chooses to return to south Florida to clear his name and resume his romance with Becky. Along the way he re-establishes his relationship with his mother and sister, neither of whom he's seen since the ill fated karate match.

Back in Florida, he's greeted with a rapidly deteriorating situation. Among other disasters, a $30,000 reward has been posted for his capture. Time is running out.

Mick deflects attacks, capture, injury and bullets as he tries desperately to find out why Helen Abrams died and why someone wants everyone to think he killed her. The story ends with unexpected twists and turns that will astound even the most seasoned mystery reader.