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How to Entertain a Woman, Videotape

The videotape that turns losers into lovers. Join two gorgeous swimsuit models as they turn their fantasy of a perfect dinner invitation into a detailed course on how they would like to be entertained by a man. From the list of simple equipment and ingredients to the preparation and serving of a sinfully rich sessert, every detail is exposed with humor and car you your provocative instructors. By the end of the tape you will be able to create two meals which might grace the tables of fine restaurants throughout the world. In additiion, your sensational instructors will coach you on the do(s) and don't(s) of setting the mood for an eveing that will bring two people a lot closer together.
HT 120 $19.95

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Cruising Fundamentals

Harry Munns has taught hundreds of people how to sail. This is his first book, a text book on intermediate sailing techniques. 130 pages of easy to understand instruction for people whose goal is to find new horizons. The book features 60 illustrations and 125 photographs organized in a sequence which presents the finer points of living aboard a moderate sized sailboat in the most efficient manner possible. If sailing is your dream, this is the best first step you can take.
L-104 $18.95

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