About the Author
I'm the one on the left.
Harry Munns was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he studied mass communications and theater. He went on to work in radio, TV and theater.

In 1983 he was given the opportunity to turn his favorite hobby, sailing, into an occupation. He co-founded the American Sailing Association (ASA), a national association of sailing schools, instructors and sailors. Among other tasks he's performed at ASA, he edits and writes for two newsletters. Harry has written a best selling text book, Cruising Fundamentals (McGraw/Hill), co-written another book, Multihull Cruising Fundamentals (McGraw/Hill) and edited three other books for major publishers. In addition, he has found time to write magazine articles on a variety of subjects from the Internet to TV production in Russia. His work has appeared in Consumer's Digest, Back Home and Friendly Exchange, to name a few.

In 1999 Harry won the prestigious John Southam award for journalism, for an article which appeared in Men's Fitness. He still sails whenever possible, skis, snowboards and performs a variety of menial tasks around the house with surprising joy and enthusiasm. He lives in southern California with his wife Cindy.

Feel free to email Harry at ouch9@cinenet.net.